Richard Drake  
Solicitor and Notary Public
Dickins Hopgood Chidley LLP
The Old School House
42 High Street
RG17 0NF
Telephone: 01488 683555


  About Me  

I qualified as a Solicitor in 1975 and subsequently as a Notary Public in 1985. I now work as a Notary Public and as a Solicitor as a member of the firm Dickins Hopgood Chidley LLP (

My offices are in Hungerford but I also see clients by appointment in their offices or at home. I cover Newbury, Hungerford, Thatcham, Marlborough, Wantage and most of Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire.

What is a Notary?

A Notary, or Notary Public, is a person authorised by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury to authenticate legal documents usually for use in a foreign jurisdiction and their conduct is regulated by the Court of Faculties under Acts of Parliament from 1533 to 1990.

In addition notaries are often called upon to take affidavits, administer oaths, prepare deeds and verify most types of legal documents for use both in the United Kingdom and abroad .For more information please visit the Notaries' Society website at